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Protection Insurance

Whether you are looking for Life Insurance; Critical Illness and/or Income Protection Cover we offer a bespoke service where we identify your needs and objectives and we recommend a solution to your protection needs within your agreed monthly budget.  We offer advice from a range of Top Life Insurance providers and some of the protection policies we recommend can also offer you Health Cover and other benefits.  We use up to the minute systems such as Critical Illness Expert and Risk Reality Calculator.
Risk, to identify the most suitable plan to protect you and your loved ones.

For example because not all critical illness plans are the same and we recognize how complex it is to differentiate between policies, we use the only system on the market that currently enables a true comparison of CI plans based on the statistical likelihood of meeting a claim at the earliest stage of a claim as we believe this is the measure of a good CI plan i.e. will it pay out and will it pay out early on in the claim.  The system also shows the companies who offer additional payments and other benefits within their plan.

We also use the Risk Reality Calculator to help raise people’s awareness of the need for financial protection in an easy, clear and immediate way.

The calculator quantifies a person’s risks based on four personal details and the results really help to bring reality home. Appreciating none of us know what lies ahead, we want to encourage more people to put a financial back-up plan in place now – as it could make all the difference to that person’s (and their loved ones) future financial security.

We do not charge a fee for protection advice and if you would like to book a 5 minute chat with us online or call us then we are here to help you!

These plans have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.

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